At the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, it could be very hard to keep a track of everything that’s happening and we’ve designed a few apps to make your stay comfortable and also notify you of what events are happening. Whether you should put on your dancing shoes or prepare yourself for a night of karaoke or if you simply want to know what cultural and educational events are happening, these apps are designed to help you. 

The GameChangers App and Stickers Pack

Only designed for the athletes participating in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, the GameChangers app allows you to send a video of yourself training or competing and when you do, your video will be supercharger to make it stand out from the rest. 

Turn a normal training event into a supercharged video from outer space. After all, you are a GameChanger. 

Download the GameChangers App for Android

Download the GameChangers App for iOS


Here’s how you to use the app:


GameChangers Stickers

While this is not an app, it is something that could spice up your Instagram or Snapchat page. The GameChangers collection of stickers from the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games is here! Record a small video and add these stickers to show off just your achievements and celebrations. There’s nothing quite like personalising your content and with these stickers, you can make your videos/photos look even more attractive. 


Getting the Stickers pack is really easy! Here’s what you do: 


The Official Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games App

Your one-stop destination for everything you need for the Youth Olympic Games is this app. Designed for both athletes and non-athletes, this app has the schedule of events, including both sporting and non-sporting, as well as information on transport and venues. 

The app also has a personalised calendar feature which allows you to get notifications on the events you want to know about making your experience in the Youth Olympic Games much more customised to what you like and want to watch and participate in. 

Download BA2018 for Android

Download BA2018 for iOS

Get Set for Buenos Aires 2018

Irrespective of what your sport is, there’s always a risk of getting an injury that could harm your chances of performing at the highest level. Injuries can be caused by many things: by overtraining, by not properly executing your post-training recovery, or even by faulty equipment. 

Always listen to your body and train accordingly. That is the key to preventing injuries. To find out how best to prepare your body for the Youth Olympic Games, download the Get Set app and prepare specifically by focusing on the crucial parts of your body to perform at the highest level. 

Download Get Set for Android

Download Get Set for IOS

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