Career highlights 

  • Olympic Games: Gold medal in 2014 
  • World Champion in 2014 
  • Master of Sports, Northeast Normal University of China and currently a PhD Candidate in Physical Training and Education, Northeast Normal University of China 

Why did I want to be a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission? 
Through my own experiences at two Olympic Games and as an Ambassador for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, I know the athlete is the most important part in the Olympic Games. I want to share my experiences from two Olympic Games and 23 years professional training with more Olympic athletes. Meanwhile I also want to get more rights for athletes and promote the development of the Olympic Movement by working in the IOC. 

What do the Olympic Games mean to me? 
Participating in the Olympic Winter Games was my dream when I was young, and it took me 18 years to achieve my dream. My family and friends are very proud of me because I participated in the Olympic Winter Games, which also helped me to make a lot of friends from all over the world. The purpose of participating in the Olympic Games is not only to be the champion, but also to help me learn more about Olympic history and the Olympic spirit, which will affect my whole life. The Olympic Games, which have gone through two world wars, can promote peace worldwide. I believe the Olympic Games can better myself and also can change the world. 

Role in the AC 
Follow the rules of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, participate in organising activities and discussions in the meetings positively, summarise my own experience of a sports career, promote the development of the Olympic Movement and provide experience for Olympic athletes of the next generation. 

Additional roles in IOC 

Other roles in sport 

  • Executive Board Member of the Chinese Olympic Committee