As an athlete, you might seek sponsorship for various reasons; perhaps the main one being to reduce the financial strain of participating in your sport. Here are five quick tips which might help you increase your chances of securing and then keeping a sponsor.

Identify what you can offer
Take time to make a list of the reasons why a company should sponsor you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and definitely do not sell yourself short with what you can offer them.

Do your research
Understanding the company and what they provide is essential. This will help you work out the best ways that you can work with them and make it much easier when you start to put together a sponsorship proposal.

Keep your sponsor updated
Once you’ve secured a sponsor, make sure you keep up a strong relationship by updating them on how your season is going. Another reason for staying in touch is that you can remind them that you are still a valuable investment.

Get social media right
Using your social media to endorse your sponsor is a great way to offer an increased platform through your existing networks. Make sure you create genuine endorsement posts on your social media platforms to maintain the trust of your network.

Refine and retain
It is always good to review how the partnership is going; and come up with new ways that you can help the company. Remember to make sure that both you and your sponsor have realistic expectations in order to move forward successfully.


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