Take the new Athlete365 course, ‘Sports Coaching: How Effective Are You?’, to gain some valuable insights into what makes a good coach great

Are you motivated to offer the very best support to your athletes? Are you committed to developing your skills as a coach?

Our new short course looks at the make-up of an outstanding coach. It explores the significance of the training culture, effective communication styles and the importance of the coaching environment in helping you be the best you can be.

“Knowledge alone isn’t enough to be an effective coach. Your ability to share this knowledge and create positive change in an athlete’s performance will be the difference between being a good coach or a great coach,” says course lead Dr Suzanne Ferreira, from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

“For athletes transitioning into a coaching role, this is often the toughest part – linking knowledge and application.”

Four key areas
In this free course, which will take between 30 and 45 minutes to complete, the Stellenbosch team use their experience of working with Olympic champions to teach you:

  • Your explicit roles and responsibilities as a coach
  • The difference between the three recognised leadership styles
  • Effective communication within a coaching environment
  • The significance of the coaching environment in an athlete’s development

Keep on learning
“We are in a wonderful position in that we get to inspire and support the journey of so many athletes,” adds Dr Ferreira.

“Embrace this privilege and be sure to take it upon yourself to continuously grow professionally and personally. When we work with athletes, not only are we taking them on a journey, they are taking us on one.”

To get more advice from Dr Ferreira and the team, click here to start the course

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