You’re at the beginning of your Olympic journey, and the prospect of life after competition may seem like a long way off, but this doesn’t mean it’s not worth thinking about. In fact, some of the most inspirational athletes in Olympic history have achieved their sporting success while pursuing a dual career.

The IOC has lots of great career support services on offer for you, and at the YOG you’ll have the chance to access some of them directly and meet a few experts in the field at the Your Journey, Beyond Sport booth.

Where is the Your Journey, Beyond Sport booth?
You’ll be able to find the Your Journey, Beyond Sport booth in the Athlete365 Space, in the heart of the Youth Olympic Village. The booth will be near to both the dining hall and the official YOG photo booth, so it’ll be hard to miss! Once inside, look out for the Career+ branding and you’re in the right spot.

When can I visit it?
The booth will be open during the second week of the Games, from 11 to 18 October, and you can visit any time between 10am and 9pm.

Who will be there?
The booth will be run by members of Athlete365’s Career+ team, who will be joined by Athlete Role Models and members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission. They will be appearing regularly at the Athlete365 Space, giving you a great chance to meet some inspirational sporting leaders.

What should I expect?
The booth will give you the chance to take part in a number of interactive activities using tablets, in groups or individually. Start off with Balance Your Act and learn about the value of having a small group of trusted people to help you make big decisions in life. Then, hone your time management skills with Act On Your Time, and walk away with your own personalised schedule for sorting those priority tasks from the less urgent ones. Finally, with the fun interactive quiz Sport Up Your Life, we’ll assess your strengths by asking you a series of questions, and recommend three jobs in the sports world that we think you’d be a good fit for!

Why should I go?
Because it’s going to help you make the most of your skills. The interactive exercises are focused on things to help you in the here and now, but are also designed to show you some of the possibilities open to you and how you can get there. Even if the thought of a career after competition sounds terrifying, the activities on offer will help show you just how valuable your elite athlete skill-set can be – both within and beyond of the world of sport. And, if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a giant Jenga set!

For information and resources about the YOG Buenos Aires 2018, visit Athlete365’s ‘Get Ready Pack’ here