The cameras are ready and things are heating up for the Olympic Games in Rio. The eyes of the world will soon be on you – are your social media skills up to scratch?social media 1

Most athletes competing at the Olympic Games are from Generation Y, the generation of technology and social media.

Posting, tweeting or blogging may be second nature to you; but as an athlete, how you use social media is very important.

You might be wanting to build your athlete brand or perhaps you would like to share your Games time experiences with your friends and family at home. Whatever your goal, it’s very important that you follow the social media guidelines and have the knowledge to manage your social media presence as an athlete on the world class stage.

The Athlete Learning Gateway has a free short course called Sports Media – How to Build Your Athlete Brand to help you.Social media 2

In this course Dr Andrew Billings, Dr Kim Bissell and Dr Kenon Brown discuss ways in which you can manage your online presence, engage with traditional media channels and respond to situations that may compromise your image or reputation.

Learn from the experts, check out case studies and build your understanding through the practical examples offered. Take control of your online identity and start building your athlete brand today!

Start the course!

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