IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission

The IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission focuses on issues that relate to the relationships between athletes and the people around them, such as coaches, agents, managers, sponsors, family and friends.

Its aim is to improve the level of support that athletes receive by educating and engaging with all members of their entourage, helping them to understand the important role they play in an athlete’s development.

It does this by hosting events such as the ‘Coaches and Entourage Night’ during the Olympic Games, which brings expert speakers together to discuss athlete support, and by publishing guidelines and advice for all members of the entourage, explaining how they can have a positive impact on an athlete’s career.

You can find out for about the Entourage Commission at Athletes’ Entourage Commision.

You can also find courses on how as an Entourage member, you can best support your athletes below.