Athlete Entourage

It’s your entourage, here’s a quick guide to make sure they’re right for you.

From coaches and physiotherapists to family and friends, there can be many different people in your entourage who will each play an important role in helping you achieve success in your career.

Your entourage includes anyone who has an influence on your career and who works to enhance your performance – be it during your sporting of non-sporting career. As well as your family, friends and coach, your entourage may include an agent, manager, physical trainer, medical staff, sponsors and even a lawyer.

It is important to ensure that these people always have your best interests at heart and that these relationships only have a positive effect on your career. That is why the IOC established an Athletes’ Entourage Commission. Its goal is to protect your interests by helping you choose the right entourage and by educating the people around you so that they can support you in the right way.

The IOC has also produced lots of useful information relating to your entourage, while Athlete365 Learning offers a number of short courses that could help the people around you and enable them to bring out the best in you.

What does the athlete Entourage do?

  • Educate athletes, coaches and other members of an athlete’s entourage
  • Help the IOC to be a leading authority on all matters related to an athlete’s entourage
  • Bring all members of an athlete’s entourage together
  • Advise the IOC on supporting and protecting clean athletes, including issues such as doping, match-fixing, harassment and abuse
  • Monitor the increasing demands of commercial and media agreements on an athlete’s life, and the role the entourage plays

Getting good support from your family

Your family, and in particular your parents, will have been with you since the very start of your sports career. They will have driven you to training, bought your equipment, cheered you on from the sidelines and done everything in their power to help you develop into the athlete you are today.

But just as you develop, so too must their role as your career progresses. You need to ensure that their presence and influence never has a negative impact, be it on or off the field of play. The IOC has therefore produced a series of helpful tips to advise them on how they can continue to play an important and central role in your development throughout every stage of your career.

These include tips on how best to interact with you, your coaches, the media and other members of your entourage. Find out more at

In addition, learn more about the IOC’s Athletes’ Entourage Commission who focus on issues relating to athletes and their relationship with those around them including coaches, agents, managers, sponsors, family and friends. 

IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission