In response to the open letter published by USOPC AAC 

Dear Han, dear fellow athletes on the USOPC AAC,

Many thanks again for your time on the call last week. On behalf of the IOC AC, I would like to thank you and everyone on the call for taking the time and sharing your experiences and views with us. Let me start by reiterating that racism and any kind of discrimination are unacceptable and are fundamentally against Olympic values. We must continue to work together to ensure that no one suffers from racism and discrimination in sport and our society.

Our call last week was the start of our consultation process with the athlete community. In the coming months, we will be reaching out through different means to athletes and athlete representatives from all over the world to ensure that we listen to everyone’s viewpoint. 

During our call, there were many suggestions and ideas on tackling discrimination and bias in sport. We look forward to continuing our work with you and the global athlete community to develop proposals with additional opportunities for athletes to express their views at the Olympic Games while respecting the Olympic spirit.

While we are working on these ideas from athletes, we should also note that as outlined in the current Rule 50 Guidelines, there are already different opportunities at Games time for athletes to fully and openly express their views, including official press conferences, social and traditional media and Mixed Zones in competition venues. Rule 50 intends to preserve the Field of Play and Podium from any protest which is crucial in respecting our fellow athletes and their special “moment”.

We will continue our athlete consultation process and evaluate all the feedback before coming to any conclusion. We hope to have a constructive engagement with the USOPC AAC throughout this process and look forward to continuing our collaboration on this very important topic.

Many thanks again,

Kind regards

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Kirsty Coventry