Research demonstrates that harassment and abuse can and does occur in sport, just as it occurs outside of sport. From this course, you will learn through personal insights and first-hand experiences, how to empower solutions that can help keep sport safe for all. You will learn what the signs of harassment and abuse are, why it happens and how can you play a role in safeguarding athletes.

Meet your Course Experts:

Dr Margo Mountjoy MD

Dr Mountjoy is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University Medical School.  She is a sports medicine physician practising at the Health + Performance Centre at the University of Guelph. One of her area of expertise is in the field of harassment + abuse in sport. Dr Mountjoy works for several International Sports organizations in the field of sports medicine including the International Olympic Committee, the International Federation for Aquatics (FINA), the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations and for the World Anti-Doping Agency. She is a retired elite synchronized swimmer.

Sheldon Kennedy

Sheldon Kennedy won a Memorial Cup, World Junior Gold Medal and skated for three teams in his eight-year NHL career. He is best known for his courageous decision to charge his Major Junior Hockey league coach with sexual assault for the abuse he suffered over a five-year period while a teenager under his care. He has influenced changes in Canadian law and has taken his message to the International Olympic Committee and the US Senate. Sheldon is also the Lead Director at the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre.