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The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of HR services and solutions, powering the world of work through a portfolio of category-leading brands; delivering up-skilling, temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development. The Adecco Group is an official partner of the International Olympic Committee supporting athletes all over the world to reach their potential beyond sport.

Through cooperation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched in 2005 and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) launched in 2007, the Adecco Group has been supporting more than 45,000 athletes worldwide.

The goal of the partnership with the IOC is to deliver the Athlete 365 / Career+. This programme supports athletes in achieving life-long success in education, life skills, and employment. It enables athletes to integrate into the workforce and give them the chance to benefit from a dual-career and transition successfully from sport into the world of work.

Career + has three delivery channels: online offers, IOC outreach workshops and country programmes with The Adecco Group.

Through the online channel, we are excited to offer career-advice sessions – on limited number basis – with experts from The Adecco Group. To engage in these sessions qualified Athletes, will need to do the following pre-reading and submit a draft of their CV.

Athletes will get help better understanding their interests, build their CV and receive career development support. Athletes can register their interest for this session here.

Coming soon! A follow-on opportunity focusses on mentoring and how to apply for a Mentoring initiative.

Regional Support

Understanding global and regional diversity, The Adecco Group aims to enhance the support to athletes with the adoption of a tailor-made regional approach. In 2019, a ‘Regional Lead’ role has been introduced within The Adecco Group Athletes Programme network that will better serve athletes’ needs.

The Regional Leads are selected within the Adecco Group’s athlete programme community and will work closely with the Global Programme Team and their respective regional networks to provide support to athletes looking to prepare for the future.

2019-2020 Regional Leads
Africa: (Interim) Mayi Cruz Blanco / Global Programme Team
Americas (Spanish speaking countries): Erika de la Barrera / Adecco México
North America: Angel Hall Bovee / Athlete Career & Education Programme
Asia: Victoria Bethlehem / Head of Human Resources at Asia Pacific
Europe: Iris Ulenaers / ACP & Engagement Manager
Oceania: Tracy Smith / Adecco New Zealand

Take a look at the many success stories of the International Olympic Committee’s Career+ programme delivered with The Adecco Group.

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