Managing athlete and student life is all about finding the right balance. Having a dual career might look challenging to you, leading you to think it might be easier to focus on sport only. However, thanks to the different solutions offered by schools and universities, a dual career is also a way to embrace plenty of amazing opportunities.

The stimulation of a well-managed dual career helps athletes become better, and is not an obstacle to performance. On the contrary, dual careers can enhance performance if they are well balanced. Additionally, the importance of having a network that supports the athletes is central to maintaining a stable life.

Athletes who have managed a dual career mention plenty of reasons that encourage them on their path. They mention the importance of:

  • having another field or area to focus on while competing at the highest level;
  • having a balance in their life and not “putting all their eggs in one basket”;
  • preparing for the future and having a safety net;
  • reducing the pressure and increasing their self-confidence;
  • putting things in perspective and maintaining interest and commitment; and
  • learning about themselves and others.

Having a dual career also helps athletes avoid many post-sports career problems in the transitional phase from sport to a professional career.

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