These resources are aimed at empowering International Federation and National Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commissions to become effective. This collection of resources contains key information, templates and guides designed to help Athletes’ Commissions to run smoothly and best capture the views of the athletes they represent.  

IOC AC Strategy

Through Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has significantly strengthened its support to athletes, and it is now our aim to build upon this and the great work of former IOC Athletes’ Commissions.

As the elected athlete representatives within the Olympic Movement, we aim to lead by example and provide a guiding reference for other Athletes’ Commissions. To do this successfully, we must be All In.

Guide to developing an effective Athletes' Commission

The IOC has developed guidelines for IFs and NOCs to follow when establishing an Athletes’ Commission (see below). These guidelines can be adapted by various organisations throughout the Olympic Movement. This guide has been designed to support you to become as effective as possible through practical advice and case studies. Download a copy here:

Through “top tips” and examples of best practice from across the Olympic Movement, these resources are intended to support both Athletes’ Commissions that have just been created and those that have been running for years. 

Useful Templates