Career highlights

  • Chef de Mission at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing
  • Chair of the Athletes’ Committee of the Jordan NOC (2014-2016) 
  • Co-Chair of the World Taekwondo Athletes’ Commission (2017-)

Why did I want to be a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission?
After competing at three Olympic Games, I felt the responsibility and duty to stand up for the needs of the athletes and defend their rights, especially for female athletes in all sports. I was extremely proud to have been asked to take on this important position.

I wanted to join the IOC Athletes’ Commission to play an active
role in women’s empowerment as well as using my experience to help raise and prepare the younger generation of athletes.

What do the Olympic Games mean to me?
The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world and the highlight of any athletes’ career. I felt especially proud representing a small country and it was a privilege to be a flagbearer for Jordan as well as competing.

Role in the AC
I vow to play an active role in the Commission regarding women’s empowerment and standing up for the needs and rights of athletes. I feel that this area is where my sporting experience and training fit best.