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Education and training for women

The IOC has been able to address the need to further develop educational and training programmes targeting women in sport. It has established a programme of regional seminars and special assistance through Olympic Solidarity for female administrators, coaches, technical officials and journalists in the national and international sports movement.

With these supportive measures, which are mainly targeted at NOCs, the IOC aims to ensure that female representation within the Olympic Movement becomes a reality.

IOC Regional and Continental Seminars

The first generation of Regional Information Seminars that were held on the five continents over 10 years from 1995 have proved to be one of the most effective tools to tackle the underrepresentation of women in the Olympic Movement. These seminars aimed to give greater visibility to women and sport issues and to encourage the NOCs to step up their work in this area.

After a thorough analysis of this first wave of seminars, it became clear that future courses in the second generation needed to shift the focus from recruitment tactics to skill building in order to further qualify these women in sports management and leadership positions.

Following the success of this educational programme, the IOC has continued to organise leadership and management courses as well as media workshops in order to better qualify women for management and leadership positions.

With this, the IOC aims to enable women to take leadership positions within the sports movement.

Scolarships and special assistance

Through Olympic Solidarity, the NOCs have access to a series of assistance programmes:

  • Scholarships for athletes
  • Scholarships for coaches
  • Training programme for sports administrators

While these programmes are open to men and women alike, particular efforts are made to ensure that a growing number of women benefit from them.

Women and Sport programme

In addition, a special “Women and Sport” programme has been created to help NOCs in developing countries to implement other types of projects, including, for example, gender equality activities, targeted communications campaigns, national research programmes, national seminars and participation in meetings. This programme also serves to finance NOC participation in the IOC’s regional seminars and the IOC World Conferences on Women and Sport.

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