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Weightlifting Equipment and History






Equipment consisting of a steel bar and rubber-coated discs of different weights fastened onto it. In weightlifting competitions, competitors must lift the barbell loaded to a certain weight under strictly specified conditions. In competition, the barbell’s weight is progressively loaded by one-kilo increments.


A metal component that encircles the bar and secures the weights in place (weighing 2.5kg each).


An individual cylindrical weight on the bar. The weight of the discs ranges between 0.5kg and 25kg, symmetrically loaded on the bar in accordance with the weight requested by the athlete for his/her attempt.


The end parts of the bar where the weights are attached.

Referee Light System

The three referees give their decision about the correctness and validity of each lift by pressing white or red light buttons on a small device in front of them. As soon as a referee has judged a lift as correctly completed, he or she will press the white light button, or, if the attempt is incorrect or missed, the red light button.

Main Scoreboard

The large scoreboard on the wall helps spectators to follow the progress of the competition by indicating all the important data on the lifters, the progress of the competition and the actual ranking in that particular competition (group/session).

Record Board

The records relevant to the competition/championships and the category contested are displayed in the venue for information to the public. When displayed on the main scoreboard, the records are immediately updated.

Multi-video Screen

Replays of the lifts in slow motion from different angles are presented to the public and the Jury after each attempt to allow for better observation of the athletes’ movements, which are very fast in real time.

Costume/outfit of competitors

Competitors wear a – usually – one-piece, close-fitting leotard, with or without a T-shirt underneath.

Weightlifting shoes

are designed specially to give stability to the feet during the execution of the lift.

Weightlifting belt

(Maximum 120mm wide) may be worn to support the trunk during the attempt.


May be worn on the wrists or the knees. Elastic knee-caps may also be worn instead of the knee bandage. Weightlifters may use special gloves to improve their grip on the bar.