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Table tennis Equipment and History






A rubber racket-covering material having a low friction coefficient with the ball, intended to reduce the effect of spin.


Made of a plastic material, 40mm in diameter, with a weight of 2.7g.


One half of the playing surface, separated from the other half by the net.


Separates the two different playing zones.

Pimpled rubber

A rubber surface consisting of an evenly distributed pattern of raised pips, or pimples, across the surface.

Pips in

Pimpled rubber on the surface of the racket blade with the pips inwards, giving a smooth outer surface.

Pips out

Pimpled rubber on the face of a racket blade, with the pips outwards.


May be of any size, shape or weight, but the blade must be at least 85% wood.

Sandwich rubber

A layer of cellular rubber covered with a layer of pimpled rubber, with pips inward or outward.


Cellular rubber material used as the under-layer of sandwich rubber.