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Syed Shahid ALI

Syed Shahid ALI

Shahid ALI
Entry in the IOC 1996
Country PAK (Pakistan)
Born 29 December 1946, Lahore
Masters Degree in Economics, Government College, University of the Punjab (1969); worked on UNCTAD project at Institute of Economics and Statistics, Oxford University (1970-1971); graduate diploma (development economics), Oxford University (1972); graduate diploma (management science), Manchester University (1973)

Management trainee with Coats Patons Limited, UK (1973-1976); Managing Director, Treet Corporation Limited; Executive Director, Zulfeqar Industries Limited; Director of International General Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited, RYK Dairies Limited, S.S Farms, Loads Limited, Packages Limited

Sports practised
Polo (at national level), hockey, football

Sports career
Captained the Oxford University polo teams (1972); represented Pakistan in polo against British, American, Iranian, Jordanian, Brazilian, Nigerian, Indian, Australian, South African and Brunei teams (1972)

Sports administration
President of the Lahore Polo Club for five years; President of the Pakistan Wrestling Federation; Executive Board member of the NOC; Vice-President of the South Asia Wrestling Federation (1989-1993); patron of the South Asia Wrestling Federation (1993-); Executive Board member of the Pakistan Polo Association

IOC History
Member of the following Commissions: Olympic Solidarity (1997-2001), Finance (2002-), Sport for All (2005-); Coordination for the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010 (2008-2011); International Olympic Truce Foundation (2007-)