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Stockholm 1912 Stockholm 1912 5th May - 27th July

Stockholm 1912

Competitors from all five continents were represented at the Games for the first time

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    Swedes praised for “most effective games yet”


    “On looking back at the Olympic Games of Stockholm it is easily seen that they were much more comprehensive than they had ever been expected to become,” reads the Official Report’s conclusion to the e...

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    Nordlander leads Swedish charge in the eventing


    In the resolution adopted at the Sorbonne Congress in Paris back in 1894 that paved the way for the launch of the modern Olympic Games, the inclusion of equestrian sports on the programme had been dis...

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    Adlerz swoops to conquer in the diving pool


    Swedish diver Erik Adlerz enjoyed a spectacular second appearance at the Olympic Games, winning two gold medals and making history in the process. Adlerz had been just a week shy of his 16th birthday ...