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Sport and Environment Commission











One of the fundamental objectives of the Olympic Movement,  alongside sport and culture, the environment is the third dimension of Olympism. 

Creation in 1995

The Centennial Olympic Congress, Congress of Unity, held in Paris in 1994, recognised the importance of the environment and sustainable development, which led to the inclusion of a paragraph in Rule 2 of the Olympic Charter.

The IOC has acknowledged its particular responsibility in terms of promoting sustainable development, and regards the environment as the third dimension of Olympism, alongside sport and culture. This led to its decision in 1995 to create an IOC Sport and Environment Commission. Furthermore, NOCs are encouraged to establish a Sport and Environment Commission on a local level.

The Sport and Environment Commission meets once a year.

Support for sustainable development

The Commission’s role is to advise the IOC Executive Board on what policy the IOC and Olympic Movement should adopt in terms of environmental protection and support for sustainable development and, through its members, supports the IOC programmes and activities in this field.