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The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme is the highest level of Olympic sponsorship and provides sponsors with exclusive worldwide marketing rights to the Summer, Winter and Youth Olympic Games.

TOP Partner companies are multinational organisations which are able to provide direct support, sponsor services or expertise for the staging of the Games. In addition to supporting the IOC and the Organising Committees, TOP Partners support National Olympic Committees and their Olympic teams.

The worldwide Olympic Partner Programme is managed and negotiated by the International Olympic Committee.

Worldwide TOP Partners

The following companies are TOP Partners for the London 2012 Olympic Games.




TOP Partners receive exclusive global marketing rights and opportunities within their designated product category. Since its creation in1985, the TOP programme has been based on a quadrennium structure and therefore all agreements require a minimum of four years' commitment. Sponsors are able to develop marketing programmes with various members of the Olympic Movement including the IOC, the NOCs, and the Organising Committees.

In addition to exclusive worldwide marketing opportunities, partners receive:

  • Use of all Olympic imagery, as well as appropriate Olympic designations on products
  • Hospitality opportunities at the Olympic Games
  • Direct advertising and promotional opportunities, including preferential access to Olympic broadcast advertising
  • On-site concessions/franchise and product sale/showcase opportunities
  • Ambush marketing protection
  • Acknowledgement of their support though a broad Olympic sponsorship recognition programme 

For more information, please refer to the Marketing Fact  File

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