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Snowboard Equipment and History





Halfpipe board

A wide and flexible board is essential for balance and tricks. It allows the boarder to ride forward and backward (twin tip snowboard).

Hard boots

The boots designed for parallel giant slalom and the other Alpine events. The boots are stiff and provide good support.

Heel edge

The edge of the snowboard closest to the heels.


A hard plastic helmet may be used in Alpine events. It is required for all competitors in snowboard-cross and halfpipe competitions.

Soft boots

Boots designed for use in freestyle and freeride snowboarding. They are made soft and pliable to allow a broad range of motions.

Alpine board

Alpine boards are stiff and narrow, which is ideal for turns and high speed.

Snowboard cross board

Designed to allow high speed, combined with a maximum of tolerance and flexibility to avoid mistakes in the jumps and obstacles.

Halfpipe boots

Halfpipe boots allow movement at the ankles to execute different manoeuvres. The rubber/urethane parts of the boots absorb shock.