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Ski jumping Equipment and History






The binding must be mounted parallel to the run-direction.The binding must be placed in such a way that maximum 57% of the entire ski length is used as the front part.


High-backed, flexible yet firm boots with a low cut at the front. They are designed to allow the skier to lean forward during flight.

Connection cord

Part of the binding; a cord that attaches the ski to the boot and prevents the wobbling of skis during flight.

Ski Jumping suit

All portions of the ski jumping suit must be made of the same material and must show a certain air permeability and have a certain thickness as a maximum. The size of the suit must conform to the body shape in an upright position with certain tolerances.

Jumping skis

Jumping skis are manufactured especially for use on ski jumping hills. Skis with a length of maximum 146% of the total body height of the competitor can be used. The curvature and shape of the skis is restricted by certain geometric features. The jumpers need a defined body weight to be allowed to jump the maximum ski length.