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Short track speed skating Equipment and History






Gloves are worn to protect skaters' hands from blades. They are especially important when going around a curve because the hand is placed on the ice to help maintain balance.


Goggles are not required, but some skaters wear them to protect their eyes from wind and ice chips. Tinted lenses reduce glare and aid visibility.


Hard plastic helmets prevent potential head injuries resulting from crashes with competitors, ice or side walls.

Protective wear

Knee, shin, and sometimes neck guards offer protection from the blades of the skater in front.


Short track boots lace higher up the ankle than traditional skates and are constructed from customised foot moulds and with heavier materials to help stabilise the foot and ankle around corners. To grip the ice around turns, blades are extremely sharp and are bent in at an arc that mirrors the direction of the turn. In addition, blades are placed off-centre to the left so the boot does not touch the ice when the skater leans into the turn.

Skin-tight suit

Skin-tight suits mould to the skater's body to reduce wind resistance.