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Rugby-7 Equipment and History





The pitch

It must be no more than 100 metres long and 70 metres wide, with a goal area of 22 metres deep. The pitch is divided into several areas by lines, including: the “dead ball line” at the end of the pitch; the “goal line”; the “22-metre line”, parallel to the “goal lines”; the “median line”, which splits each side; and the “touch lines” at the sides. The playing surface is natural or synthetic turf.

The posts

These are a minimum height of 3.4 metres and are 5.4 metres apart. The horizontal bar is at least three metres above the ground.

The ball

A rugby ball is oval and is 28 to 30 centimetres long with a maximum circumference of 74 to 77 centimetres and has a perimeter of between 58 and 62 centimetres.

Players’ equipment

The players are allowed to wear studded shoes, but also shin and ankle pads, mitts, shoulder pieces, mouthguards, helmets and breastplates for women, as well as bandages or dressings.

Match duration

In rugby sevens, a match lasts no longer than 14 minutes, to which extra time may be added. It is divided into two half-times of a maximum of seven minutes each side. Occasionally, the final of a competition may last 20 minutes, plus stoppage time and extra time. It is divided into two halves of a maximum of 10 minutes each.

Number of players

In rugby sevens, each team has seven players on the pitch, as well as five substitutes. Only three of these can play during a match.


In rugby sevens, the scrums are contested between two lines of three linked players. The two lines enter into contact so that the heads of the players are interlinked between the shoulders of those facing them. The tunnel thus formed between the two lines is the space in which the ball must be placed by a player on the attacking team.


A try is scored when an attacking player is the first to put the ball on the ground in the opposition’s in-goal area. A try is worth five points. A conversion of this try by a kick, i.e. passing the ball between the posts, earns two points..


A goal scored from a penalty (when a foul gives the right to a kick) or a drop kick is worth three points.