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Find here the list of all documents published on this website. This section contains the major reports, studies, publications and information regarding the Olympic Movement.

Reference documents - Factsheets

  • 2009 Olympic Congress

  • Closing Ceremonies

  • HIV & AIDS prevention through sport

  • Host City Election Facts and Figures

  • Human development through sport

  • IOC Integrity Betting Intelligence System

  • IOC Integrity Initiatives

  • IOC Members

  • Legacies of the Olympic Games

  • Medical: the fight against doping and promotion of athletes’ health

  • Observer Programme

  • Olympic Day

  • Olympic Games Knowledge Management

  • Olympic Solidarity

  • Olympic Values Education Programme

  • Opening Ceremonies

  • Records and medals

  • Roles and responsibilities during the Olympic Games

  • The IOC Sessions and the Olympic Congresses

  • The IOC, the environment and sustainable development

  • The Olympic Games of Antiquity

  • The Olympic Movement

  • The Olympic Museum

  • The Olympic programme

  • The Olympic Summer Games

  • The Olympic Torch Relay

  • The Olympic Truce

  • The Olympic Winter Games

  • The Olympism platform and the Olympic symbol

  • The Youth Olympic Games

  • Women in the Olympic Movement