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Public Affairs And Social Development Through Sport







The IOC has developed a comprehensive programme using sports development as a tool for local socio-economic development and for humanitarian assistance; it implements and supports numerous projects at field level, in cooperation with organisations specialised in development and humanitarian aid and National Olympic Committees, to improve the lives of under-privileged communities worldwide.


Cooperation with UN Agencies

The IOC cooperates with numerous United Nations agencies, as well as with other international governmental and non-governmental institutions, to develop and implement a range of projects using sport as a tool for development. National Olympic Committees are also important partners which support these activities locally through their sports expertise and network. Several International Federations have developed initiatives in this field too.

The international cooperation and development activities of the IOC have developed steadily over the years. Back in 1922, the IOC and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) established an institutional cooperation, which was later reinforced through specific partnerships with other UN agencies and programmes.

“Sport can be a powerful agent for change that should be leveraged by individuals, businesses, governments and elite athletes to drive significant positive development and progress in a social, economic and political context. (…) The UN recognises the power of sport as a tool to achieve its objectives, and in particular the Millennium Development Goals.” Wilfried Lemke, Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace.

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HIV/AIDS prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion

The AIDS epidemic poses a real and serious threat to human existence, development and security. The fact that it targets and incapacitates mainly the young people who form the backbone of the Olympic Movement programmes, raises concern for the IOC.

It is in this framework and based on the fundamental principle of Olympism which strives to place sport at the service of mankind that the IOC has developed a policy and related programmes of activities to contribute to this global fight. Its activities aim at promoting AIDS awareness and HIV prevention, as well as fighting related discrimination, for everyone and particularly among the sports community.

This programme is implemented in close cooperation with the Joint United Nations programme against HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, two organisations which are particularly active in policy development and community work.

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