World programmes

Coaches occupy a central role in an athlete’s career and, these days, they carry out a variety of functions, from acting as teacher, trainer, mentor to psychologist or agent, for different groups (athletes, teams, children, teenagers or adults) at different levels (from beginner to elite athlete).

A key role in sports development


It is vital that coaches themselves are able to benefit from continuous high-quality training. This is the purpose of the Coaches’ Programmes, which are designed to offer NOCs everything they need to improve their coaches’ knowledge and enable them to respond to the latest athlete training requirements, whether at beginner or international level.

Olympic Solidarity encourages the NOCs and IFs to refer to training standards and use common terminology for coaches’ training, while adapting them to the specificities of the sport and country concerned. It also invites the NOCs to submit female candidatures and reflect on how links can be forged between the three different coaches’ programmes with a view to strengthening coach education throughout the world in a global and long-term manner.