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Olympic Solidarity Commission





The missions of the IOC commissions are currently being revised and will be published shortly. 

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The aim of Olympic Solidarity is to organise assistance for all the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), particularly those with the greatest needs, through multi-faceted programmes prioritising athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators, and promoting the Olympic ideals (Olympic Charter, rule 5).

Four ways to support the NOCs

The four sections – World Programmes, Continental Programmes, Olympic Games Subsidies and Complementary Programmes - available through Olympic Solidarity function autonomously and complement one another. They cover the objectives of the NOCs, which are mainly to improve their functioning and organisational ability; to create or develop efficient structures; to organise training courses at various levels; and to profit from the technical and financial resources available, which in turn will benefit their athletes. 


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Olympic Solidarity Athletes

James Machon
James Machon How did you get started in ski halfpipe? I learned to do basic tricks on a dry slope halfpipe at Sheffield Ski Village, in the UK in 2004. It was the only artificial halfpipe in the world at that time and was only 20 minutes from my house, so I skied af...
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Sochi 2014

Olympic Solidarity athletes win medals in Sochi
Olympic Solidarity athletes win medals in Sochi 19 year-old Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has become the first Japanese to win a men's figure skating gold at the Olympic Games and the youngest man to win the title in 66 years. Hanyu went into the free skating programme on Friday evening with a...
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