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Olympic Solidarity Commission

The Olympic Solidarity Commission is composed of individual members appointed by the IOC President. It is responsible for defining the main courses of action and managing the activities of Olympic Solidarity, for example by approving programmes and the related budgets and monitoring their implementation.

Chair Cheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH
Members Kirsty COVENTRY
  Richard Kevan GOSPER
  Patrick Joseph HICKEY
  Lingwei LI
  Gunilla LINDBERG
  The Grand Duke Henri of LUXEMBOURG
  Julio César MAGLIONE
  Lassana PALENFO
  Bernard RAJZMAN
  Juan Antonio SAMARANCH
Experts Husain AL-MUSSALLAM
  Ricardo BLAS
  Raffaele PAGNOZZI
  Jimena SALDANA
  Tomas Amos Ganda SITHOLE
Director in charge Director of Olympic Solidarity

Comité International Olympique (CIO)
Case postale 356
Château de Vidy
1001 Lausanne

Olympic Solidarity

Afghanistan's Rohullah (left) won his country's first Olympic Medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing
An Equal Footing - the Olympic Solidarity programme One of the most enduring and endearing qualities of the Olympic Games is the sight of athletes from many of the world’s less developed nations not only competing, but often winning, against those from more well-heeled backgrounds. The romantic notion is that total dedication and sheer talent is responsible for these tales of poverty to podium, but that is usually only half the story. What many outside the Olympic Movement are unaware of is the financial assistance given to such athletes through the Olympic Solidarity programme.
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