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The Continental Programmes offer the NOCs assistance that meets their specific needs and priorities on each continent and complements those offered at world level.

Boosting the Continental Associations

The Continental Programmes are managed by the Olympic Solidarity office of each Continental Association in complete coordination with the Olympic Solidarity international office in Lausanne.  For the 2013–2016 quadrennial plan, the Continental Associations can choose which continental programmes to implement and how to distribute the relevant funds. However, certain basic elements should be covered, such as the running costs of the Association (if they are not covered by other sources), assistance towards the organisation of the Association’s statutory meetings and the payment of individual subsidies to NOCs for the development of their own programme of national activities.

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Olympic Solidarity

Afghanistan's Rohullah (left) won his country's first Olympic Medal at the 2008 Games in Beijing
An Equal Footing - the Olympic Solidarity programme One of the most enduring and endearing qualities of the Olympic Games is the sight of athletes from many of the world’s less developed nations not only competing, but often winning, against those from more well-heeled backgrounds. The romantic notion is that total dedication and sheer talent is responsible for these tales of poverty to podium, but that is usually only half the story. What many outside the Olympic Movement are unaware of is the financial assistance given to such athletes through the Olympic Solidarity programme.
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