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The incredible journey of the Olympic flame

The incredible journey of the Olympic flame
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The 123-day, 65,000km odyssey that started in Olympia on 2 October 2013, and involved no less than 14,000 different torchbearers, has finally culminated in the arrival of the Olympic flame at its final destination, Sochi, on the eve of the Opening Ceremony on 7 February that will mark the start of the XXII Olympic Winter Games.

En route, the flame has travelled over land, sea and air – carried by plane, train, boat bicycle and indeed by horseback and camelback, dog sled, snowboard and skidoo – taking in all 83 regions of the vast territory of the Russian Federation – from the North Pole to the Far East, via Lake Baikal in Siberia and the summit of Mount Elbrus – and even venturing underwater and into outer space!

Watch our amazing video travelogue of the Olympic flame’s remarkable journey to Sochi:

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