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Rio 2016 contingent keen to learn from London’s experience

Rio 2016 contingent keen to learn from London’s experience


A large contingent from the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (ROCOG) will be stationed in the capital for the duration of London 2012 to help them in their preparations as hosts of the next Olympic Games.

A team of 152 staff, all of whom will be participating in the IOC’s Observation Programme, and 51 representatives of different levels of government will share their learnings from the London event at a debriefing back in Rio in November 2012.

The team makes up roughly half of Rio 2016 and will carry out a variety of different functions during their time in London. Many will act as on-site ‘observers’, where they will learn about different operational practices involved in the staging of an Olympic Games, while others will participate as shadows of professionals of the London Organising Committee.

José Arthur Peixoto, responsible for the Observer Programme during the London Games, said in July: “The world’s eyes will turn to us right after the closing of the London Games. It is a very important moment from a strategic viewpoint. We will learn through the experience.”

Rio 2016 is already promising to be a fantastic Games, with plans for the transformation of the city already underway. Of the 34 competition venues, 18 are already operating and just 26 per cent of the sports venues will need to be built thanks to existing infrastructure in place from hosting previous international events.


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