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Meet Angeliki Kordali, Greece’s Young Ambassador for Singapore 2010


My name is Angeliki; I am 25 years old and I live in Pikermi, a suburb of Athens. I am a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, and my main focus is wireless communications and networks, but I also work part time for the organisation of the Masters Degree Programme on Olympic Studies that is run by the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia. At the same time, as I cannot live without having a schedule totally full, I’m following a Masters Degree Programme on Engineering-Economic Systems as well as the undergraduate programme of the Faculty of Primary Education.

My first experience with sports was at the age of 5, when my parents took me and my brother to a swimming pool to learn how to swim. I loved it and I kept swimming for many years. Now I still often go swimming, but I also play basketball in the local team. I like music, films and literature, and I love dancing, especially Latin dances.

Being a Young Ambassador is a great honour for me and has been a great experience so far. During the CEP* Seminar in March, I had the chance to meet all the Young Ambassadors and to learn a lot about the CEP of the Games. In Singapore, we became good friends and shared our views about our role. The Seminar gave us a lot of enthusiasm and enriched us with ideas on how to promote the YOG and especially the CEP in our countries.

*Culture and Education Programme

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