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New Zealand / Olympism Resources


Since 2000, The Olympic Academy of New Zealand and The Olympic Museum develop educational resources intended for gymnastic teachers of primary and secondary schools. This material has been conceived together with Ministry for Education and the Christchurch College of Education.


To help teachers integrate Olympic education into their programmes, notably physical education, by providing them with educational tools enabling pupils to increase their knowledge of the Olympic Movement and its philosophy.


Since 2000, educational resources have been regularly produced for primary and secondary school teachers.

This material, developed by teachers who are very active in Olympic education, gives ideas of educational activities, suggests learning objectives, and, more generally, helps teachers to integrate Olympic education into their teaching programmes.

The Olympic Museum also regularly sets up themed exhibitions. These are accompanied by educational kits which can be used by teachers when they visit the Museum, or in the framework of their lessons.

The Olympic Values are taught through lectures, discussions, researching information, studies, etc. Basic information is also given on the Olympic Movement and its ideals and principles.

Practical advice

Both these Educational Resources are the result of two Olympic Museum / New Zealand Olympic Committee exhibitions that were converted into Olympism based school education kit sets which were distributed throughout New Zealand. The Olympic Museum has a policy of undertaking annual Oral / Video History interviews with selected Olympians and Olympic administrators. These interviews have provided valuable resource material from which the exhibitions derived from.

Downloads and useful links

Here you can download the educational material accompanying the Olympic Museum's exhibitions: "Black on White - New Zealand's Participation in the Olympic Winter Games 1952-1998" And "New Zealand Women in the Olympic Movement"

Visit the New Zealand NOC's web site to discover other Educational Resources www.olympic.org.nz see http://www.olympic.org.nz/Article.aspx?ID=5702 and http://www.olympic.org.nz/Article.aspx?ID=5583

Downloads 'Black on White' documentations : 
.  Black on White Panel 1.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 2.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 3.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 4.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 5.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 6.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 7.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 8.pdf 
.  Black on White Panel 9.pdf 
.  Black on White Teacher Notes.pdf

Downloads 'New-Zealand Woman' documentations : 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 1.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 2.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 3.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 4.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 5.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Panel 6.pdf 
.  NZL Women in the Olympic Movement Teacher Notes.pdf

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