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Seminars & Corporate Events

"The Olympic Experience" - a unique concept

"The Olympic Experience" gives you the chance to hold seminars and corporate functions in a unique location dedicated to sport, art and culture, imbued with the Olympic values of excellence, respect and friendship.
"The Olympic Experience" is a whole new corporate concept which taps into the prestige and expertise of the International Olympic Committee, guaranteeing that your function will be an event to remember. By choosing "The Olympic Experience", you will be emphasising the value of team spirit to your staff, clients or guests, and whetting their appetite for new challenges.

"The Olympic Experience" is:

• The Olympie Room, on the ground floor, with natural light and a capacity of 50 people.
• The Auditorium on the ground floor, with a capacity of 175 people, a control room, interpreters’ booths, a double screen, Dolby stereo and technical support.
• The Club Coubertin, a modular reception room and a panoramic terrace on the second floor, with a capacity of 80 people.
• The Galerie, an exhibition area for your aperitifs and drinks receptions and a panoramic terrace on the second floor, with a capacity of 200 people.
• Buffet and drinks receptions for up to 600 people.

Daytime seminar packages:

    • Gold Medal CHF 105/person (full day)
    • Silver Medal CHF 90/person (full day)
    • Bronze Medal CHF 70/person (half day)

Evening seminars and/or drinks receptions:

• Citius – drinks reception and private use of the Coubertin Club
• Altius – Conference room and drinks reception 
• Fortius – Conference room and dinner

The Olympic Getaway, Dinner or Gala:

• Olympic Getaway 
• Olympic Dinner
• Olympic Gala (a Museum exclusive)
• Red carpet welcome
• VIP welcome

Pre-dinner drinks (1 hour/person):

• Raising a glass to Athletes
• Raising a glass to Champions
• Raising a glass to the Olympic Rings
• Raising a glass to Victory
CHF 20
CHF 28
CHF 38
CHF 40

Drinks receptions (2 hours/person) :

• The Olympian Reception
• The Medallist Reception
CHF 80 (2 hours/person.)
CHF 100 (2 hours/person.)

Lunches :

• Vancouver Menu
• London Menu
CHF 40
CHF 50

Lunches & Dinners :

• Lillehammer Menu
• Nanjing Menu
• Sochi Menu
• Rio de Janeiro Menu
CHF 60
CHF 70
CHF 80
CHF 105

"The Olympic Experience" also includes exclusive Olympic Museum activities (in progess):

    Sport is all about concentration
• Find inner peace with a Tai Chi session
• Awaken your sense of rhythm with a percussion session. Sewa Beats - Do You Speak Djembe?
    Sport is all about team spirit

• Practise team building with specialist coaches• Assess team unit
• Promote your corporate spirit
• Develop good communication practices
• Encourage shared leadership
• Improve mutual confidence
• Inspire shared responsibility

    Sport is all about emotion

• At the beginning or end of your seminar, get pulses racing by showing great moments and inspiring images from the Olympics Games. Exclusive Olympic clips. 

    Sport is all about having fun

• Pit your teams against each other with the Champions Quiz
• Archery with an Olympic champion
• An introduction to curling  

    Sport is all about developing a healthy lifestyle

• Discover the keys to health and performance by learning about nutrition and exercise
• Manage your weight, learn about healthy lifestyles

    Sport is all about conquering time

• Learn how to manage time in sport with interactive workshops and demonstrations

    Sport is all about finding a balance between body and mind

• Workshops on how to reconcile body and mind using the techniques of top athletes.

Our team is sure to offer you a solution that meets your needs.
Depending on the theme of your event, we can arrange speakers and experts, devise activities related to sport and health and suggest original experiences to demonstrate the values of sport and performance.
Let us take you behind the scenes of the Olympics Games!
The "Olympic Experience" is unique in Europe – for an unforgettable event in a truly stunning setting.

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