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A wide range of teaching tools are available from the museum according to theme. These materials were created with the help of teachers and education experts in the fields and are available to any teacher who wishes to address these Olympic themes.

Find out about the Olympic Games

Explore the main Olympic topics

  • The main Olympic topics : 5 sets together ENG - FRE - GER
  • Set 1) The Olympic Games in Antiquity ENG - FRE - GER
  • Set 2) The Modern Olympic Games ENG - FRE - GER
  • Set 3) Olympism and the Olympic Movement ENG - FRE - GER
  • Set 4) The Olympic flame and the Torch Relay ENG - FRE - GER
  • Set 5) Olympic Games Posters ENG - FRE - GER

Learn more about a particular topic

Learn more about a particular topic

The Olympic Studies Centre

  • The Olympic Studies Centre

    We recommend that anyone wishing to pursue research or analysis in more detail consult the pages of the Olympic Studies Centre (OSC). A selection of reference documents, factsheets, bibliographic lists and official publications on various subjects linked to Olympism can be found there. The OSC is located next to The Olympic Museum, and it is also possible to visit and access its rich collections on site.

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