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Bringing the Olympics to your classroom

Born of ancient times, the Olympics is a unique international event that remains true to its core values. The Games and the various themes they represent can be combined with school curricula to encourage cross- and multi-disciplinary learning.
The Olympic Museum supports teachers in this endeavour by providing specific teaching tools that take on themes such as the human body and health, science and technology, civic duty, and art and creativity. So, whether it's visiting the exhibitions with your class or just looking for classroom activities, the Olympic Museum has you covered.


• Renovated permanent exhibition
The newly renovated exhibition is organised by theme and then by content which makes it easy for teaching tools to be adapted for “big picture” or theme-based approaches.

The exhibition makes use of several different media to entertain and capture the attention of visitors. With its interactive and multimedia exhibits and vivid films and games, the museum strives to offer an unforgettable experience for all ages.

• Educational areas: The Gym’ and the Studio
Educational areas give teachers a chance to explore exhibition themes with their pupils. A wide range of activities are offered such as workshops, experiments, discussions, films, games and more! Two such areas are available:

The Gym’ takes pupils back in time to the stadiums of old where the original Olympians would hone their bodies and minds. The activities carried out in this area relate to permanent museum exhibitions and are easily tailored so that participants can work with Olympic themes in the context of their daily life.

The Studio gives a real TV studio vibe. Sport through images is the central theme here and a wide range of both still and animated sporting pictures are used in a variety of ways.

• Coaches
Just like a team needs a coach, so does a class. Our coaches will accompany pupils throughout their visit and adapt their tours to the age and expectations of the group.

• Theme-based teaching materials
A wide range of teaching tools specially created to meet the needs of school curricula are available according to theme. These include worksheets, files, photos and videos. Teachers can use:
o tour preparation materials;
o classroom learning materials.

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The Olympic Museum organises a wide range of events throughout the year to promote the activities, history and spirit of the Olympic Movement.


Seminars and Corporate Events

Seminars & Corporate Events

"The Olympic Experience" gives you the chance to hold seminars and corporate functions in a unique location dedicated to sport, art and culture.