24 January - 18 May 2014

The Russian Avant-garde and sport

What was it about sport that so fascinated artists, photographers, graphic designers, film makers and poets in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s that it graced their artistic endeavours?
This phenomenon is closely linked to the Russian Revolution of 1917, which aimed to build a new society without barriers of class and privilege. Sport became a symbol of equality, an activity that was available to everyone.
This exhibition highlights the contribution of artists from various avant-garde movements to this trend, through their depictions of sport in paintings, posters, set designs, photos, photo montages, postcards, films, books, clothing designs, etc.
Their work led to similar developments in other countries. Applied arts such as photography, film and graphic design began portraying sport, competition, achievement and physical effort in entirely new ways, profoundly changing the way people viewed the body. An esthetic view of the body. The exhibition serves as a testimony.

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