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Art enlightens the intelligence, captivates thought, and incites ambition.

Pierre de Coubertin



Themed programmes are part of the life of The Museum. They complement the Olympic subjects addressed in the permanent exhibitions.
Each programme is created to offer the visitor a full and diverse experience on a particular theme: exhibitions, educational services, events and publications. They provide the opportunity to welcome personalities and experts in the areas concerned and to create a real platform for exchange with the public.

Exhibitions and special programmes:

10 February - 25 September 2016:

Destination Rio: The Games

Destination Rio: Rythms and Diversity

Destination Rio - The 100% Brazilian and free programme at the Olympic Museum

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Permanent Exhibition

The Olympic Journey: it all began in antiquity, was brought back to life by Pierre de Coubertin, and keeps growing alongside society…

Interactive Experience: Live! Broadcasting the Olympic Games

Interactive documentary: Time and Sport

In archive: Past exhibitions and events

Also coming up: