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Los Angeles 1932



Eddie Tolan, Arthur Jonath, George Simpson, Ralph Metcalfe, Daniel J Joubert and Takayosh Yoshioka


30 Jul-14 Aug 1932: (from left to right) Eddie Tolan of the USA, Arthur Jonath of Germany, George Simpson of the USA, Ralph Metcalfe of the USA, Daniel J Joubert of South Africa and Takayosh Yoshioka of Japan in action during the 100 metres Final at the 1932 Olympic Games in the Coliseum Stadium, Los Angeles, USA. Tolan won the gold medal, Metcalfe the silver and Jonath the bronze. Simpson, Joubert and Yoshioka finished in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively. \ Mandatory Credit: IOC Olympic Museum /Allsport

7/30/1932 12:00:00 AM

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