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Ms Manuela DI CENTA

Ms Manuela DI CENTA

Manuela DI CENTA
Entry in the IOC 1999
Country ITA (Italy)
Born 31 January 1963
Member of the Italian Parliament (2006-); Anchor woman, journalist

Sports practised
Cross country skiing, athletics, mountaineering, mountain running

Sports career
Participated in five editions of the Olympic Winter Games: XIV Games in Sarajevo in 1984, XV Games in Calgary in 1988, XVI Games in Albertville in 1992 (bronze medal in 4x5 km relay), XVII Games in Lillehammer in 1994 (gold medals in 15 km and 30 km, silver medals in 5 km and pursuit, bronze medal in 4x5 km relay), XVIII Games in Nagano in 1998 (bronze medal in 4x5 km relay); winner of 7 medals in the World Championships and in the World Cup seasons 1993/1994 and 1995/1996 (3 silver, 4 bronze); 22 national titles; first Italian woman to conquer Everest (flew the Olympic flag on top of the world at 8,850 m) (2003)

Sports administration
Member of the National Athletes’ Commission (1996-) then President (1996 and 1998-2002); member of the NOC Executive Board (2000-); First Vice-President of the Italian National Olympic Committee (2005-2006)

IOC History
Member of the IOC from 1999 to 2010; Honorary Member since 2010; Member of the following Commissions: Athletes’ (1998-2010), ’IOC 2000’ (1999), Radio and Television (2001-2010)