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Entry in the IOC 2009
Country BDI (Burundi)
Born 20 April 1967
Degree in economic and administrative sciences at the University of Burundi (1992)

Company director, Garage Tanganyika Cars (2002-); Internal auditor, Brasserie et Limonaderie du Burundi (1994-2001)

Sports practised
Basketball and athletics (high jump)

Sports administration
Leader of a women’s football club (2001-); President of the Burundi Football Federation (2004-); Member of the Burundi National Olympic Committee (NOC) Women and Sport Commission (2001-2006); Member of the Organising Committee of the 5th African women’s football championships (2006); Member of the Burundi NOC Executive Bureau (2006-); Member of the Organising Committee of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Olympic Football Tournaments (2006-); Member of the Women’s Football and Futsal Commission of the African Football Confederation (CAF) (2006-); Member of the Executive Committee of the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations (2007-); Member of the Organising Committee of the Olympic football tournaments in Beijing (2008); Member of the Organising Committee of the FIFA World Cup, Chile (2008); Member of the Women's Football and the FIFA Women's World Cup Commission (2011-)

One of the FIFA representatives at the medal presentations for women’s football at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; Nominated by the Bujumbura Mayor in 2008 as one of the 10 best women workers of 2008; Winner of the IOC Women and Sport Trophy (2009)

IOC History
Member (2010-2014), then President (2014-) of the Women and Sport Commission; member of the following Commissions : Radio and Television (2011-2014), Marketing (2014-), Coordination for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in 2020 in Tokyo (2014-)