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Entry in the IOC 1981
Country VEN (Venezuela)
Born 20 May 1921
Bachelor of Arts; Master’s degree in modern languages

Founder and President of the Flor Isava Foundation for Education and Sport for Male and Female Prisoners (created in 1990) and for Disadvantaged Communities in Caracas; author and journalist; diploma from the Venezuelan Red Cross

Sports practised
Riding, tennis, golf, swimming, hockey

Sports career
National champion in horse riding, tennis and golf; member of the Venezuelan Olympic equestrian team at the 1956 Games, and at competitions in South America, USA, Canada, France and Spain; tennis silver medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Baranquilla (Colombia) in 1946

Sports administration
Founder (1947) and President of the Venezuelan Equestrian Federation (1962-1965); founder of the show jumping championship of the Ladies Riding Association (1963); member of the NOC (1964-1968); Venezuelan team captain at several South American Championships; President of the Sports Confederation of Venezuela (1977-1981); sports advisor to the President of the Republic (1989-1995)

Awards and distinctions
Order of the Grand Cross of Sport, Ministry of Education, Chinese Taipei (1984); Order of the Liberator, Venezuela (1990); Order of the Star of Carabobo, Commandant-General of the Army (1990); Order of Civil Merit, Spain (1992); Order of Work Merit, Ministry of Labour, Venezuela (1993); Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honour, France (2001); Olympic Order (2002)

IOC History
Member of the IOC from 1981 to 2001; Honorary Member since 2002; member of the Executive Board (1990-1994); member of the following Commissions: International Olympic Academy and Olympic Education (1981-1991), Olympic Movement (1991-1994), Centennial Olympic Congress – Congress of Unity, Study (1994-1996), Women and Sport (1995-2001)