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Mr Shun-ichiro OKANO

Mr Shun-ichiro OKANO

Shun-ichiro OKANO
Entry in the IOC 1990
Country JPN (Japan)
Born 28 August 1931
Tokyo University (Japan)

President of Okano Eisen Co. Ltd.; part-time lecturer at Tsukuba University (1975-1976); Director of Drug Abuse Prevention Centre (1987-); member of the National Council of Educational Reform (1984-1987); member of the 14th Central Council for Education (1989-1991); The National Taxation Council (1993-2004)

Sports practised
Baseball, football, skiing, swimming

Sports career
Coach of the Japanese football team at the Games of the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo in 1964; bronze medallist in football at the Games of the XIX Olympiad in Mexico City in 1968; Ex-international football Player

Sports administration
Secretary General of the japanese National Olympic Committee (NOC) (1977-1991) then member of the Executive Committee (1991-); Council member of the Association of National Olympic committee (ANOC) (1979-2007); Director of Japan Amateur Sports Association (1975-1991); Vice-President of the General Association of Asian Sports Federations (GAASF) (1985-1990); President of the Japanese Football Association (1998-2002) then Honorary President (2002-2008), then Supreme Advisor (2008-); President of the East Asian Football Federation (2002-2004) then Honorary President (2004-)

Sports Classroom (Football Obunsha); Football Classroom (Tsuru Shobo)

Awards and distinctions
Japan Broadcast Cultural Award (NHK, 1990); Medal with Blue Ribbon (Japanese Government, 1990); Tokyo Metropolitan Award for Culture (1991); The Order of the Blue Dragon (Korean Government, 2003); The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (Japanese Government, 2004); Olympic Order in silver (2012)

IOC History
Member of the IOC from 1990 to 2011; Honorary Member since 2012; Member of the following Commissions: Olympic Programme (summer) (1992-1994), Sport and Environment (1996-2001), Olympic Programme (2002-2011)