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Entry in the IOC 1998
Country SYR (Syrian Arab Republic)
Born 20 September 1939
Master’s degree in Social and Economic Planning, University of Damascus

Director of planning and statistics, National Finance Ministry; director general of two industrial companies; advisor and secretary to the Speaker of the Syrian parliament; General Secretary of the Syrian Parliament

Sports career
Syrian weightlifting champion (1952-1972); Arab champion (1961-1972); vice-champion of Asia (1963-1970); 7th in the 1965 World Weightlifting Championships; champion of several international tournaments

Sports administration
President of several Syrian delegations to the Olympic Games, the Mediterranean Games, and various other international events; President of the Maisalon sports club (1971-1981); President of the Syrian National Weightlifting Federation (1971-1981); President of the Arab Weightlifting and Body-building Federation (1970-1981); President of the Syrian Olympic Committee (1981-2000); President of the General Sport Federation (1981-2000); 2nd Vice-President of the International Mediterranean Games Committee (CIJM) (1983-1987), 1st Vice-President (1987-2005) then honorary member for life (2005-); Executive Board member of the Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports (1991-2000); Executive Board member of the Arab Federation for Sports Games (1997-2005); President of the West Asian Games Federation (1996-2006) then honorary president for life (2006-); Vice-President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) (1986-2007) then General Coordinator (2003-2006)

IOC History
Member of the following Commissions: Marketing (2002-2014), Culture and Olympic Education (2004-), 2009 Congress (2009), Olympic Philately, Numismatic and Memorabilia (2014-)