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Mr Lamine DIACK

Mr Lamine DIACK

Lamine DIACK
Entry in the IOC 1999
Country SEN (Senegal)
Born 07 June 1933
College Van Vollenhover, Dakar (Senegal); Laws and Economics University, Dakar; National School of Taxes, Paris (France)

Inspector of Taxes and State-Owned Property (1961-1969); Commissioner General of Sport (1969-1970); Secretary of State for Youth and Sport (1970-1973); Secretary of State for Human Promotion (1973-1974); National Conservator of Land Ownership of Senegal (1974-1978); Mayor of Dakar (1978-1980); Deputy of the National Assembly of Senegal (1978-1993); first Vice-President of the National Assembly of Senegal (1988-1993); Chairman of the Administration Board of the National Water Company of Senegal (1995-2001)

Sports practised
Athletics, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball

Sports career
Dakar champion and winner of the Paris-Dakar Football Juniors Cup (1950-1952); International in football, athletics and volleyball (1954-1960); French West African Long Jump champion and record holder (1957-1960); French Long Jump champion in 1958 (7.63 m) and French University Long Jump champion in 1959 (7.72 m)

Sports administration
Member of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA) (1973-1987); IAAF Vice-President (1979-1999) then IAAF President since November 1999; President of the Senegal NOC (1985-2002); President of the African Athletics Confederation (1973-2003)

IOC History
Elected as President of an International Federation from 1999 to 2013; Honorary Member since 2014; Member of the following Commissions: Olympic Games Study (2002-2003), International Relations (2004-2015), 2009 Congress Commission (2006-2009)