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Mr Kun-Hee LEE

Mr Kun-Hee LEE

Kun-Hee LEE
Entry in the IOC 1996
Country KOR (Republic of Korea)
Born 09 January 1942
Economics Degree, Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan); MBA, George Washington University, Washington D.C. (United States of America)

Executive Director of Joong-Ang Daily News and Tong-Yang Broadcasting Corporation (part of the Samsung Group) (1968-1978); Vice-Chairman (1978-1987) then Chairman (1987-) of the Samsung Group; Vice-Chairman of the Federation of Korean Industries (1987-); Vice-Chairman of the Korea-Japan Economic Committee (1981-); member of the Korea-US Wisemen Council (1991-); Director of the Korean Youth Association (1982-); Vice-Chairman of the Korean Alumni Reunion of Waseda University (1997-)

Sports practised

Sports administration
President then Honorary President of the Korean Amateur Wrestling Federation (1982-1997); member (1982-), Vice-President (1993-1996) then Honorary President of the Korean Olympic Committee

Awards and distinctions
Recipient of several national athletics awards; Olympic Order (1991); Légion d’Honneur of the French Republic (2004-); “Van Fleet Award” from Korea Society in New York (2006)

IOC History
member of the following Commissions: Cultural (1997), Finance (1998-1999)