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Entry in the IOC 1982
Country PER (Peru)
Born 18 January 1939
Business Administration Studies at the University of Detroit and Dorsey Business School in Detroit (United States of America); additional studies in Lima Higher Institute of Business Administration (Peru) and at the Centre of Military Studies

Companies Director; Board Member of industrial and commercial firms, and banks; Chairman of the Board of Channel 11 TV station; Deputy Mayor (1978-1980, 1990-1992) then Mayor of Lima (1993-1995); Vice-President (1997-2001) then President (2002-2014) of Alliance française; Vice-President (2005-2010) then President (2011-) of the Touring and Automobile Club of Peru; Honorary Consul of Luxembourg and Monaco; President of the Peruvian Institute of Sport (with the rank of minister, 2003-2006)

Sports practised
Athletics, rowing, swimming, cycling

Sports career
Rowing: Peruvian champion Open Class (1957-1973); USA and Canadian champion in sculls and sweep oars (1957-1959); participated in South American and Pan-American Games (1959-1974); Masters Class champion in Argentina, USA and Peru (1974-2000)

Sports administration
President of the Peruvian Cycling Federation (1967-1968); Secretary of the Peruvian Rowing Federation (1971-1974) then treasurer (1980-1981); treasurer and member of the National Olympic Committee of Peru (1982-); Olympic Solidarity course director of Itinerant School for Sports Administrators; Council Member (1998-2009) then Vice-President (2009-) of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF); Vice-President of the Panathlon Club Lima (1999-2014); Chef de Mission at the Games of the Olympiad, Sydney 2000

Awards and distinctions
Sports Illustrated 'Pat on the Back' Trophy (1959); Municipality of Lima Order of Commanders Cross Year (1980); Order of Knight of South American Rowing (2001); Gold Medal of Youth and Sports of the French Government (2001); Merit of Distinguished Services in the rank of Grand Officer (Peru) (2004); Order of Honour and Merit awarded by South American Football Confederation; Officer of the Légion d'Honneur (France) (2011)

IOC History
Member of the following Commissions: Television (1983-1984), Study and Evaluation for the Preparation of the Olympic Games (1984-1986), Culture and Olympic Education (1988-2015), Women and Sport (2005-2015), Radio and Television (2005-2015), Culture and Olympic Heritage (2015-), Women in Sport (2015-)