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Entry in the IOC 1982
Country ITA (Italy)
Born 06 December 1939, PADOUE
Degree in Economics and Commerce

Vice-President of ALITALIA (1981-1987); Minister of Tourism and the Performing Arts (1987-1990); Mayor of Rome (1989-1993); Chairman of Impregilio (construction firm, 1994-1999); Chairman of Bank UniCredit MedioCredito Centrale S.p.A. (2000-); Member of the Board of Mediocredito Centrale S.p.A. (2011-)

Sports practised
Fencing (foil), skiing, waterski, tennis, golf, sailing

Sports career
Waterski: Italian junior champion (1953-1954); Italian Open champion (1955-1960); European champion, slalom and combined (1956 and 1961); European team champion (1958, 1959, 1960); bronze medallist at the World Championships (1957)

Sports administration
President of the Italian Waterski Federation (1962-1976); Chairman of the Technical Commission (1963-1967) then of the World Waterski Union (1967-1973); Vice-Chairman (1966-1967) then Chairman of the Milan Football Club Board (1967-1971); member of the FIFA Amateur Committee and of the FIFA Board (1978-1986); member of the FIFA World Cup Organising Committee (1986-) and Chairman of the FIFA Internal Audit (2002-); member of the UEFA EU Matters Working Group (2003-2007); member of the UEFA Executive Board (2004-2009); Vice-Chairman of the UEFA Committee for National Team Competitions (2007-2009); Chairman of the UEFA Marketing Advisory Committee (2007-2009); Member of Finance Committee (2007-2009); Federal advisor to the Italian Football Federation (1968-1972), Vice-President (1973-1976) then President (1976-1978); President of the Organising Committees of the European Football Championships (1980) and of the 1990 World Football Cup; Vice-President (1977) of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) then President (1978-1987); President of the European Olympic Committees (1980-1987); Vice-President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (1981-1987); President of the Italian Professional Football League (1997-2001); President of the Italian Football Federation (2001-2006); Chairman of Fondation Giulio Onesti (2009); Member of the Extraordinary Commission of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (2011-)

IOC History
Member of the Executive Board (2000-2004); Chair of the Olympic Programme Working Group (1998-2001); Vice-Chair (1983-1994) then Chair (2002-) of the Olympic Programme Commission; Vice-Chair of the Finance Commission (2001-2003); member of the following Commissions: Eligibility (1983-1989), Olympic Solidarity (1986-1987), IOC 2000 Reform Follow-up (2002); coordinator of the Working Group “Composition, structure and organisation of the IOC” of the “IOC 2000” Commission (1999)